PML Radiation Techno Production Pack by Johannes Menzel

PML Radiation Techno Production Pack by Johannes Menzel

Johannes Menzel gives you an exclusive look into his production process, shares his tips, tricks, project files and guides you from your first kick to a mastered Techno track.

Introducing Radiation – the brand new Production Pack for Techno by Johannes Menzel.

Follow along the production process like you were sitting side by side in the studio.

While going through all important stages, you’ll learn Johannes’ approach on low-end creation, drum programming, synthesis, arrangement, mixing and mastering.

Get inspired by Johannes’ workflow, pick up valuable skills and apply them directly in your next tracks!

What You Get:

1 Ableton Project File created in this course
1 Ableton Project File recreating the track from the course ONLY using Ableton Live 11.1 Suite stock effects and Xfer Serum
1 Ableton Starter Project File
1 Sample Pack: 100+ One Shots and Loops

PML Radiation Techno Production Pack by Johannes Menzel: A Comprehensive Review

In the ever-evolving world of music production, producers and DJs constantly seek innovative tools to elevate their craft. The “PML Radiation Techno Production Pack” by Johannes Menzel is one such resource that has captured the attention of the techno community. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of the genre, Menzel has crafted a production pack that promises to enhance the creativity and productivity of techno producers.

Overview of the PML Radiation Techno Production Pack

The PML (Production Music Live) Radiation Techno Production Pack is a comprehensive suite of sounds, samples, and presets specifically designed for techno music production. The pack is tailored to meet the needs of both aspiring and professional producers, offering a wide array of tools to craft high-quality techno tracks.

Key Features

  1. Diverse Sound Library: The pack includes over 500 meticulously crafted samples, ranging from punchy kicks and deep basses to intricate percussion and atmospheric pads. These sounds are designed to fit seamlessly into any techno production, providing a solid foundation for creative experimentation.
  2. High-Quality Presets: The production pack features a collection of presets for popular synthesizers like Serum, Massive, and Sylenth1. These presets cover a broad spectrum of sounds, including haunting leads, lush pads, and gritty basses, allowing producers to quickly find the right sound for their tracks.
  3. MIDI Files: Johannes Menzel has included a variety of MIDI files that can serve as a starting point for new compositions. These files cover essential elements like basslines, melodies, and chord progressions, giving producers a head start in the creative process.
  4. Construction Kits: The pack features several construction kits, each containing all the elements needed to build a complete track. These kits are particularly useful for producers looking to learn about song structure and arrangement in techno music.
  5. Tutorials and Tips: To complement the sounds and samples, the pack includes tutorial videos and production tips from Johannes Menzel. These resources provide valuable insights into the techniques and workflows used by professional techno producers.

Benefits for Producers

The PML Radiation Techno Production Pack offers numerous benefits for techno producers:

  1. Time-Saving: With a vast library of ready-to-use sounds and presets, producers can save significant time during the production process. The high-quality samples ensure that minimal processing is needed, allowing producers to focus on creativity.
  2. Versatility: The diverse range of sounds and presets makes the pack suitable for various sub-genres of techno, from dark and industrial to melodic and ambient. This versatility allows producers to explore different styles and expand their musical repertoire.
  3. Learning Resource: The included MIDI files and construction kits serve as excellent learning tools for producers looking to improve their understanding of techno music production. By studying these elements, producers can gain insights into the composition and arrangement techniques used by Johannes Menzel.
  4. Professional Sound: The pack is designed to help producers achieve a professional sound in their tracks. The high-quality samples and presets are crafted to industry standards, ensuring that productions sound polished and ready for release.


The PML Radiation Techno Production Pack by Johannes Menzel is a valuable asset for any techno producer. With its comprehensive selection of sounds, presets, and educational resources, the pack provides everything needed to create high-quality techno tracks. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned producer seeking fresh inspiration, this production pack is a worthy addition to your toolkit. Johannes Menzel’s expertise and attention to detail shine through, making the PML Radiation Techno Production Pack a must-have for anyone serious about techno music production.



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